WinAccs for Construction

WinAccs for Construction is dedicated to the specific needs of the construction and associated industries in providing accounting management information. Applicable to almost any size of business, WinAccs for Construction delivers the flexibility to adapt to meet the differing requirements for cost control and cost analysis across all businesses in today's competitive environment.

With comprehensive project and job costing, the ability to deal with subcontractors, functionality to handle interim certificates, valuations and meet the CIS certification requirements of HMRC for subcontractors, WinAccs for Construction provides a key tool for your business.

Fully integrated contract analysis may be applied to every transaction posting, providing detailed and accurate reporting of jobs at any stage of their cycle. In addition, the WinAccs Subcontractors module provides full management of CIS, including on-line reporting of the CIS300.

Individual jobs, projects, or entire contracts can be controlled, tracked and costed in detail via an extensive breakdown of user definable headings, or analysis of costs. The system's setup can also be specifically customised to your precise requirements, whatever they are.

The project/job costing module is more than just a collection of costs. Each job can be analysed into 99 major headings, with each major heading sub-divided into 99 minor headings. At any stage in the life of the job you can report on the percentage of budget used for each analysis code. In addition, each major analysis code can be placed in a 'summary' group, and a single line per job work-in-progress report produced, easily highlighting those jobs which need attention.

Historical information on each project is retained for the entire life of the contract, regardless of duration. Changes that happen during the life of any project, for instance through architect's instructions, are monitored and incorporated.

The Sales and Subcontractors Ledgers deal with the posting of interim certificates, valuations, retentions and any related deductions.

WinAccs for Construction automatically recognises whether the subcontractor has a current valid CIS certificate before making any payments. If a valid certificate has not been presented, WinAccs for Construction will calculate and deduct tax at the applicable rate before issuing payment. The deduction is automatically tracked and payment is made back to HMRC. The system will also recognise and notify you when a subcontractor needs to become an 'employee' due to the number of hours worked.

Whether a large contractor, small building firm or subcontractor, WinAccs for Construction can help you build a firm foundation for your company finances. Providing immediate and accurate cost and budget control over expenditure by job or by project. Any single entry from any part of the system can automatically and seamlessly update the Contract Analysis module, and will be as up-to-date as the last transaction posted.

Analysis can be controlled, tracked and costed via an extensive breakdown of user-definable headings and cost analyses. Costs drawn from the Purchase Ledger, Payroll, Subcontractors Ledger or Stock Control can be analysed. Committed costs from Purchase Order Processing may also be analysed, along with sales transactions and cash receipts.

To complement the standard reports, WinAccs for construction comes equipped with Compact's own report generator, V-Rex, allowing the customisation or creation of reports for your own business needs. Within the reports is contained a powerful search facility, so when you are looking for a value on a 20-page report, simply type in the value and it will be located automatically for you.

The WinAccs for Construction system includes:

  • Single user up to and including 99 user systems
  • Full integration across all modules
  • Multi-company, multi-user functionality
  • Data import routines from Compact P2000 and other Payroll software packages
  • Sophisticated user-definable security features
  • V-Rex, Integral report generator
  • Pop-up menus with 'Hot Keys'
  • Electronic banking

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