The WinAccs Accounting system is a fully integrated financial management system, which embraces the powerful multi-user, multi-tasking and data sharing capabilities of the latest Microsoft Windows technologies.

The core to the WinAccs suite is the accounting module, encompassing sales, purchase and nominal ledgers, a cashbook, and invoicing. WinAccs Accounting is complemented by a number of optional 'bolt-on' modules for sales order processing, purchase order processing and stock control.


An additional module which provides a comprehensive system for managing your employees and calculating their pay. This module is available as either a standalone module or with integration to the nominal ledger.

Always kept up-to-date, it alleviates the necessity for keeping at the forefront of the latest calculation rules, as all the updates are rigorously applied to the payroll system.

WinAccs for Construction

A unique extension to the WinAccs system, which provides accounting management for the construction and associated industries. Fully integrated contract analysis may be applied to every transaction posting, providing detailed and accurate reporting of jobs at any stage of their cycle.

In addition, the WinAccs Subcontractors module provides full management of CIS, including on-line CIS300 reporting.

V-Rex Report Generator

Enquiry and reporting in WinAccs is made simple by the standard programs provided, or by using V-Rex, Compact's own report generator. Standard reports may be modified, or new reports produced, accessing historical data which may be kept for any period of time.

V-Rex allows you to output reports to your default or any designated Windows printer. Additionally reports may be converted to pdf, and either printed or attached to an email. Automatic emailing may be set up for documents such as invoices, credit notes, statements, remittances, etc, where the email address for each document type is stored in WinAccs. Data can also be output to comma or tab separated format for further manipulation in other software packages, such as Excel.


Create your own WinAccs system

The modular nature of WinAccs means that you can create you own version, tailored to the needs of your business.

The WinAccs core system includes:

  • Single user up to and including 99 user systems
  • Full integration across all modules
  • Multi-company, multi-user functionality
  • Data import routines from Compact P2000 and other software packages
  • Sophisticated user-definable security features
  • V-Rex, Integral report generator
  • Pop-up menus with 'Hot Keys'
  • Immediate access to other Windows applications
  • Electronic banking

By allowing WinAccs users to customise the core software to precisely meet their needs through a series of modular options, extending the functionality far beyond just financial management, WinAccs can be built into a total Management Information System.

Add on modules extend the functionality which all operate using the same style and features and can be used either as standalone products or integrated with the core WinAccs Accounting Suite. This means no more duplication of work across different systems and simplifies use.


Key features include:

  • Real-time information as transactions are posted, entries are made into all aspects of WinAccs, ensuring changes are reported in all modules and ledgers.
  • Security user access may be defined at all menu levels, to ensure that key company data is kept private.
  • Invoices, statements and remittances are fully customisable, incorporating colour logos, and can be printed to a standard laser printer reducing the cost of preprinted stationery.
  • Reminder notes can be added to accounts and transactions and the user prompted when a follow-up is required.
  • All reports can be stored in the V-Rex report generator's spooling system. Some reports (eg. Audit trails) are automatically spooled to ensure they are not lost.
  • Powerful Financial Reporting system, where you can define upto 9999 reports to your own design.
  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports can be as detailed or summarised as you like.
  • Management Information button. Define key accounts whose balances you are keen to monitor, and see at a glance today's current balance. Accounts can be debtors, creditors, bank accounts, or individual customers/suppliers.


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