Compact Software Ltd deliver accounting and business software to meet the needs of clients in the UK. Our flagship product WinAccs was the first accounting system to be produced for Microsoft Windows operating systems in the 1990s, and today boasts a thriving and growing community of clients who use WinAccs for their everyday accounting activities.

WinAccs can provide users with a full and complete accountancy package, from billing and payments through to profit/loss and balance sheet. WinAccs is also used widely in the Construction Industry, providing comprehensive contract analysis, work in progress and CIS tax functions.

WinAccs may be used by any size of business, and is available in single or multi-user configurations. Our payroll module, WinPay, may be configured for any number of employees, and all modules provide complete integration no double-entry of data into associated modules.

Compact Software Ltd has been providing accounting solutions since 1980, and we still have a number of clients using our legacy DOS product P2000. However, we no longer provide support for this product but can offer an upgrade path to WinAccs with full migration of data.

We offer our clients a complete service, from supply and configuration of software systems, consultancy, training, and migration of data from other software systems. We service companies all over the UK, and are able to respond to your needs. Please call 0844 880 4000 to discuss what we can do for your organisation.

If you are a reseller, and wish to add WinAccs to your portfolio, then contact us for further details.

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